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Purple tests!

So if you follow the blog, there was an earlier post about this piece under ‘hives’

This piece began with a 3-D hexagon model that was printed on a 3-D printer. I then replicated this hexagon out of wax by the use of molds. I intended to cast the negative space– There is a rendered image included below.

It’s a test so it is smaller than I intend for the final. I poured it last night… should be cured in a few hours. 


new renditions, Fleshbook 8.0

Rather than taking using a life cast for this project, I’m now making a stylized version. This means no more skin texture or finger tips, but instead a smooth texture and nodes for the keyboard. It is still the plan to cast in in Urethane Rubber. The lid was ruined when trying to glue leather to it. The leather has been removed, and is now functioning as a moquette. A new piece will be made and surfaced appropriately. 

Performance series Update!

You’ve been anticipating the images! Check out Jordan Vinyard and Craig Ryan’s recent collaborative performances.

The undertone of the series is to unhinge the typical definition of a performance. By approaching this series with cynicism and providing limited documentation, we hope to create an atmosphere of skepticism for the viewer, specifically related to the endurance performances of the 70’s.

We intend to title the project 10 Fake Performances. Rather than inducing the notion that the acts included within the documentation are actualities, there is an insistence of their falsehood. By including this dialogue upfront, the performances play with the subject of certainty, issuing that the viewers believe in something fake.

Image above is from the piece titled “My 2 Front Teeth” where myself and Jordan Vinyard were joined together by our front teeth and endured a 72 minute nature hike.

Image below is from the piece “Rinse & Repeat” with a provided martini.

This season..

I’m starting the “Fleshbook” from scratch and hope to have the project completed by LATE OCTOBER. The previous process was not working. Instead I decided to regroup and start over-thus making a better product.

This is a collection of images–both the ‘original’ and ‘improved’ version.