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Inch Worm

^HD video available under settings

Although I fulfilled the performance requirements for my class, this is an added bonus, titled: Inch Worm.

As a person who places so much emphasis on physical fitness and strength, I decided to limit those attributes.

In this piece I am bound by industrial plastic wrap and placed on the ground to wonder at will. The video starts out with a test in the parking lot. The later stage is in the forest. enjoy.


<3 U


This is  a post about accountability. This is not a piece or an experiment but a charade. It is to see if my committee is reading my blog. Prove me wrong–dont show up Friday at the review and ask about this. ❤ you! 

Singularity=interests* What is it?

Singularity=interests* What is it?

With 2 recent projects focusing on interactions and mediated connections, I think this article/THEORY is along the lines of those interest. How far will Technology take us and what is the outcome? #lovethisshit #nerdtalk