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Meeson Pae Yang

Meeson Pae Yang


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It has been way to long since I’ve made a post or done research. I had a rough semester… and took the month of May off. Now its time to get serious. Please feel free to call me out, no matter how abrasive it may be. I’m 23 and can be immature at times…BUT it is time to grow up and earn that street cred! 

Andrea Hasler- Burdens of Excess

Andrea Hasler- Burdens of Excess

miu-miu-bag-14-x-15-x-14-in-wax-leather-and-metal-145305_fullBurdens of Excess, evokes the viewer’s awareness of how our identities and collective desires today are shaped by materialistic consumption.

**Her sculptures engender both disgust and morbid fascination, and hint at the possibility of a future where even our own body parts can be commodified and branded as fashionable goods.**

Orifice Study–Regurgitate

Late post. This concept video/study explores the idea of a future project. Yes, it runs long, but it doubled as an example in an “ambient” video project. This was my first introduction to Video. I hope video will supplement my practice.