Monthly Archives: September 2013

tighten up.

A moquette for my latest piece. behind schedule as I was in NYC for the past week. Enjoy.



Free of the distraction of the collaboration a week ago, I started working on a few components necessary for my new pieces. I’m currently making molds of them. IMG_2878 IMG_2849 IMG_2886IMG_2855 IMG_2887 IMG_2871IMG_2889 IMG_2890 pipe schematic

This above is a schematic of the tube I’ll be making. A vinyl tube will be ran through the hose, inside the vinyl tube will be stainless steel wires to pull on the orifice causing it to contract.

This is a video of the spinal piece, acrylic will most likely be used for future components, but as of now it will be cast in silicone for a visceral texture.





This piece–has its own challenges. I know the general idea of what I will be making, but still not feeling quite comfortable with the design.