Monthly Archives: January 2014

tiny bubbles.

I need a vacuum or some solution.

I left the striation marks from the 3d printer on the plug without sanding them off… not sure if I like the texture or not–needs to be re-cast, possibly remolded. Too many bubbles.


Modified my mold for the outlet (if you look at the middle, you can see a weird inside texture, i just cut it out, new cast will be perfect)

Progress… slow… but more pieces underway.


IMG_4387 IMG_4388 IMG_4389 IMG_4390 IMG_4391 IMG_4393


Mold day…

Should have the real thing tomorrow morning. Until then, a concept shot with leftover material.


Examples for Owen

Owen wanted my process to be revealed more so in the magazine/thesis I’m making.

(digitally created > printed > Molded >silicone/plastic casts)

Below are a few styles of renderings. Its easily changeable. but a starting point. 8 9 4 5 1 7 2 3 6