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Waiter, There’s Arsenic in My Rice —By Tom Philpott

Waiter, There’s Arsenic in My Rice —By Tom Philpott

Large industrial farms are cutting corners. Because of weakened immune systems, the chickens are supplemented, in this case, with arsenic. Although chicken waste is being used as a ‘fertilizer’ there are no regulations on waste scattering… its nearly impossible to tell how much has accumulated in the soil and affecting the U.S.’s rice industry… It saddens me–there shouldn’t need to be health risk before people implement or “volunteer” reform. 


Just a small glimpse of the Universe


See, back in 2004, scientists decided to point Hubble at a patch of sky that was pure black. No stars. No galaxies. Just black. They left the lens open for a little over 11 days to capture as much light as possible, because the more light a telescope captures, the clearer the image is. What we got was that image above … only 6,200 pixels wide and just as tall. In other words …

All of that, extracted from a pinpoint patch of empty, black sky. Every dot in that photo is a galaxy. Ten thousand of them. Every one of them previously unknown to us. Every one of them containing the possibility of having intelligent life for us to show up and dance battle before giving them the finger and flying away, knowing we truly are the masters of this universe.