vertebral column

IF anything made sense, I wouldn’t have as much fun. This is a vertebral column for one of my pieces–intend to print/cast/make over break. Pink=Silicone Blue=Acrylic rods, 1/2 inch diameter Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 6.34.04 PM Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 6.33.57 PM Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 6.34.15 PM


Bug Plug, Kamil Jeryzkowski

bugplug_viz_viewsBug Plug, Kamil Jeryzkowski

The plugs.

The plugs.

Today’s studio experience has had its accidents, but over the past 3 days i’ve been working on my plugs. I think I’m happy with the plugs i’ve created digitally… look forward to 34 more versions. I’m maintaining my ‘orifice’ wall outlets and wanted a ‘ball and socket’ attachment.

It will be printed on the 3d printer and then cast into a colored plastic. The core (most front of the 4)will be made of silicone to butt up inside the wall outlet. My ‘series’ will use these plugs to draw power.

accident happen

image-1 image-2 image

IBM Blood Computer

Watch 26 second – 46 Seconds. OMG

Week 11: Wed History of New Media Art

Computational Drawing



Use Processing to create a program that algorithmically generates a 2-dimensional design for physical output. Begin by analyzing some complex system (a spider’s eye, a pinecone, the interstate highway system, the solar system, etc). Through research, sketches, and writing, try to come up with a simplified algorithm that describes how this system, or a part of it, is structured/constructed visually, through repetition, pattern, translation, transformation, hierarchy, symmetry, etc. This algorithm will become the basis for your program, which will in turn be able to create new 2D forms that are not random in nature, but truly evolve from your findings. The results could utilize any media or tools, possibly including large-scale color prints or a bound book. Start your project with a mindmap/ finish with an artist statement


Medium(s): Illustrator (vector graphics) and Processing IDE (Java)

Drum roll…

Drum roll...

I relish titles. As a reductivist, my work is dependent on them. I’ve been struggling with articulating my new body of work which will eventually lead to or become my thesis..

During a studio visit today, a profound statement was made in reference to a piece, “to love and abuse.” Those four words say everything and will be the name of my show.

I’m excited to share this as well as make the work and write the thesis. game on. : )

tighten up.

A moquette for my latest piece. behind schedule as I was in NYC for the past week. Enjoy.


Free of the distraction of the collaboration a week ago, I started working on a few components necessary for my new pieces. I’m currently making molds of them. IMG_2878 IMG_2849 IMG_2886IMG_2855 IMG_2887 IMG_2871IMG_2889 IMG_2890 pipe schematic

This above is a schematic of the tube I’ll be making. A vinyl tube will be ran through the hose, inside the vinyl tube will be stainless steel wires to pull on the orifice causing it to contract.

This is a video of the spinal piece, acrylic will most likely be used for future components, but as of now it will be cast in silicone for a visceral texture.





This piece–has its own challenges. I know the general idea of what I will be making, but still not feeling quite comfortable with the design.

First Friday Teaser…

This show  will be collaboration between Courtney and myself.

What I hope to bring to this team is something impulsive and playful.. What says that more than having Courtney and myself suspended from the ceiling? These body harnesses and Courtney’s peep holes got the ball rolling for the show.

This 2 room installation will be more about what the viewer isn’t seeing, and what we would like to present.




Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 5.23.22 PM