The plugs.

The plugs.

Today’s studio experience has had its accidents, but over the past 3 days i’ve been working on my plugs. I think I’m happy with the plugs i’ve created digitally… look forward to 34 more versions. I’m maintaining my ‘orifice’ wall outlets and wanted a ‘ball and socket’ attachment.

It will be printed on the 3d printer and then cast into a colored plastic. The core (most front of the 4)will be made of silicone to butt up inside the wall outlet. My ‘series’ will use these plugs to draw power.

accident happen

image-1 image-2 image


Drum roll…

Drum roll...

I relish titles. As a reductivist, my work is dependent on them. I’ve been struggling with articulating my new body of work which will eventually lead to or become my thesis..

During a studio visit today, a profound statement was made in reference to a piece, “to love and abuse.” Those four words say everything and will be the name of my show.

I’m excited to share this as well as make the work and write the thesis. game on. : )

Performance series Update!

You’ve been anticipating the images! Check out Jordan Vinyard and Craig Ryan’s recent collaborative performances.

The undertone of the series is to unhinge the typical definition of a performance. By approaching this series with cynicism and providing limited documentation, we hope to create an atmosphere of skepticism for the viewer, specifically related to the endurance performances of the 70’s.

We intend to title the project 10 Fake Performances. Rather than inducing the notion that the acts included within the documentation are actualities, there is an insistence of their falsehood. By including this dialogue upfront, the performances play with the subject of certainty, issuing that the viewers believe in something fake.

Image above is from the piece titled “My 2 Front Teeth” where myself and Jordan Vinyard were joined together by our front teeth and endured a 72 minute nature hike.

Image below is from the piece “Rinse & Repeat” with a provided martini.

Hex molds.

Hex molds.

Starting molds is the only time you’ll see my work this sloppy… I wish I could bring some of that ‘care-free’ aspect to the finished product.



These were printed off the MakerBot via my Sketchup file. I’m going to cast and replicate them–and then position them for the mold. I’ll be casting the negative space to generate my piece.

Mold complete!

Mold complete!

I finally have the mold complete. Its a bit dirty from the wax pieces chipping off, but will clean up nice. It was a pain to get the fingers out… they got stuck in there with all the suction. I like it as an object… the negative voids are so delicious. People cant resist putting their fingers in them. 😉

Assemblage Complete

Assemblage Complete

This guy is ready to be molded. Soon I’ll be able to cast a uniform rubber tile to be assembled into a larger scale. I used wax to fuse the bottom and make it look seamless.



I’m attracted to this form and want to make it out of rubber. This image was generated in Sketchup. I’ll be printing hexagons to keep it precise, and later cast and create this object. I think i like the green. Thoughts?

Out of the wax…

Out of the wax...

Just a teaser… I have all of them line up to help visualize what the final piece will look like. #excited.

Back to molds…

Back to molds...

Wax castings of my fingers. I have about 100 finger that I will be producing in rubber, which will later be adapted to my project!